Kits for Hurtworld

Create kits of items for players to use

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  1. Wulf
    Configuration File:
    Kits plugin, with only command chat support

    Choose a limit of usage for kits
    Choose a cooldown for kits
    Create kits for admins
    Create kits for VIPs

    Players Commands:
    - /kit => see the full list of available kits for you
    - /kit KITNAME => choose a kit

    Admin Commands:
    - /kit list => see the full list of kits
    - /kit add "KITNAME" => add a new kit
    - /kit remove "KITNAME" => remove a kit from the database
    - /kit edit "KITNAME" => edit a kit
    - /kit resetkits => delete all kits and player data
    - /kit resetdata => reset player data
    - /kit option1 value1 option2 value2 option3 value3 => set the options for a kit you are currently editing

    How to create kits:
    1) Empty your inventory
    2) Add in your inventory the kit that you want players to have
    3) use /kit add "kitname"
    4) set the options via: /kit option1 value1 option2 value2 etc
    /kit items max 10 cooldown 3600 description "Every hour kit, max usage: 10"

    max XXX/false => set the max usage of a kit (false will deactivate it)
    cooldown XXXX/false => set the cooldown in seconds of a kit (false will deactivate it)
    authlevel 1/0 => 1 is for admin only, 0 for players
    permission CUSTOMPERMISSION/false => only players with the custom permission oxide permission will be able to redeem those (doesn't work on autokits). See under.
    description "XXXX XXX"/false => set a description for a kit
    hide true/false => hide a kit from the list: /kit (won't hide from the admin command /kit list)
    items => no values here, this will copy the items in your inventory to set it in the kit.

    Create a kit names: "autokit"
    1) /kit add "autokit"
    2) /kit items authlevel 1 hide true => so no one can redeem the autokit, and the autokit wont show in the list

    Custom Permissions:
    when you created a kit or edited a kit do:
    /kit permission PERMISSIONNAME
    the permissionname can be a new permission or an existing permission.

    Custom permissions are oxide permissions:
    Code (Text):
    oxide.grant user "PLAYERNAME" PERMISSIONNAME
    For Plugin Devs
    To refuse a kit to be given
    you may do this:
    Code (Text):
    function PLUGIN:canRedeemKit(player)
        if(ArenaPlayers[player]) then
            return "You are currently in an Arena, you may not redeem any kit"
        -- don't return anything if you want to let the kit to be redeemed
    By returning ANYTHING it will refuse the kit to be given, return a text to specify the reason.

    Check if the kit exists:
    Code (Text):
    object theanswer = Interface.CallHook("isKit", KITNAME);