Ignore API for Rust

An API to manage an ignore list

Total Downloads: 1,391 - First Release: May 25, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 2, 2016

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  1. Nogrod
    Configuration File:
    This is an API plugin that doesnt do anything alone besides managing an ignore list. To make use of that youo need another plugin using it.


    Chat commands:
    /ignore <add(+)/remove(-)> <name/steamID> to add or remove someone
    /ignore list to show your ignore list

    Usage for plugin devs
    To call the functions from this API your plugin needs to get the plugin instance.
    Code (C#):

    private Plugin Ignore;
    Code (Lua):
    var added = Ignore.Call("AddIgnore", playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    Available functions
    Code (Lua):
    AddIgnore(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    Adds <targetSteamId> to <playerSteamId> ignore list
    returns <true> if player was added, <false> if player couldnt be added
    Code (Text):
    RemoveIgnore(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    removes <targetSteamId> from <playerSteamId> ignore list
    returns <true> if removed, <false> if not
    Code (Lua):
    HasIgnored(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if <playerSteamId> has <targetSteamId> on ignore, <false> if not
    Code (Lua):
    IsIgnoredBy(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if <playerSteamId> is ignored by <targetSteamId>, <false> if not
    Code (Lua):
    AreIgnored(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if both have each other on their ignore list, <false> if not
    Code (Text):
    returns a table with playerSteamId's ignore list.

    For lua api just append "S" to the hook names to pass steamid as string.