ForceEmote for Hurtworld

Force another player to do an emote on command

Total Downloads: 348 - First Release: Feb 7, 2016 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2017

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  1. Wulf
    Configuration File:
    ForceEmote gives players with permission the power to force another player to do one of the available emotes.

    • airhump
    • bird
    • facepalm
    • finger
    • point
    • salute
    • surrender

    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant user <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke user <name or steam id> <permission>.
    • forceemote.use (allows player to force players to do emotes)
      Ex. grant user Wulf forceemote.use
      Ex. revoke user Wulf forceemote.use
      Ex. grant group admin forceemote.use
    • force <name or id> <emote>
      Replace <name or id> with a player's name or Steam ID, and <emote> with a valid emote
    • force emotes
      Shows a list of available emotes

    The default messages are in the ForceEmote.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory. Language files are also available for French, German, Russian, and Spanish by default. To add support for another language, create a new language folder (ex. de for German) if not already created, copy the default language file to the new folder, and then customize the messages.
    Code (Javascript):
      "CommandAlias": "emote",
      "CommandUsage": "Usage: {0} <name or id> <emote>",
      "Emotes": "Available emotes: bird, point, surrender, facepalm, handsup, salute, airhump",
      "ForcedPlayer": "You forced {0} to use the {1} emote!",
      "NoEmote": "You must provide an available emote",
      "NotAllowed": "You are not allowed to use the '{0}' command",
      "PlayerForced": "{0} forced you use the {1} emote!",
      "PlayerNotFound": "Player '{0}' was not found",
      "PlayersFound":  "Multiple players were found, please specify: {0}"
    • mtG | Lore, for the original Force Emote plugin.
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