Fishing for Rust

Allows players to use weapons to fish ingame

Total Downloads: 3,577 - First Release: Dec 20, 2015 - Last Update: May 22, 2017

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  1. Colon Blow
    Configuration File:
    Players can use Spear, Bow or Crossbow to fish up raw meat from Rivers and Open water areas. Jabbing, Throwing or Shooting Water gives players a chance for a successful catch. Bonuses are granted depending on time of day, quality of weapon, what you wear and have on you. By default, there is a very small chance to pull up a Tier 3 loot crate. argg...buried treasure mateys !!

    Note: The player FX of catching the fish / sound has been removed for now.

    How to Fish:
    First, Head off and find some water. You need to be within a few meters or even standing in it. Take your Spear and jab the water floor and then you have a chance to haul in a fish. You can also use your Bow or Crossbow to get near the water and shoot at it.

    Note: you do not see any actual fish swimming or anything. You just 'attack' the ground under water for a chance to get a fish.

    Current Available Catch:

    Savis Island Swordfish
    - Common fish (Minnows)
    Hapis Island RazorJaw - Common fish (Small Trout)
    Colon BlowFish - UnCommon fish (2 Small Trout)
    Craggy Island Dorkfish - Rare fish (5 Small Trout), may or may not one knows. Legend has it, they may resemble rust developers.
    Random Item - pulls up a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 crate for players to loot.

    actual raw catch will change to something else. chicken is just easy for now.

    fishing.allowed - will allows authorized players / group to be able to fish.

    Code (Text):
    oxide.grant <group|user> <name|id> fishing.allowed

    Example: To allow the group player to use it. (all players)
    oxide.grant group default fishing.allowed

    Example 2 : To just allow a person to use it:
    oxide.grant user "colon blow" fishing.allowed
    Default Configuration File:
    Code (Text):
      "Allow Bonus from Attire": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Item": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Time of Day": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Weapon": true,
      "Allow Random Item Chance": true,
      "Bonus - From Attire (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Items (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Time of Day (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Weapon (Percentage)": 10,
      "Chance - Default to Catch Fish (Percentage)": 10,
      "Chance - Get Random World Item (Percentage)": 1,
      "Icon - Url for Common Fish 1": "",
      "Icon - Url for Common Fish 2": "",
      "Icon - Url for Random Item": "",
      "Icon - Url for Rare Fish 1": "",
      "Icon - Url for UnCommon Fish 1": "",
      "Show Fish Catch Indicator": true
    Default Language File:
    Code (Text):
      "missedfish": "You Missed the fish....",
      "commonfish1": "You Got a Savis Island Swordfish",
      "commonfish2": "You Got a Hapis Island RazorJaw",
      "uncommonfish1": "You Got a Colon BlowFish",
      "rarefish1": "You Got a Craggy Island Dorkfish",
      "randomitem": "You found something in the water !!!",
      "chancetext1": "Your chance to catch a fish is : ",
      "chancetext2": "% at Current time of : "
    Chat Commands:
    use /fishchance - returns the percentage chance you will catch a fish and the current time of day.

    Modifers to Chance to Catch fish:
    Using Wood Spear or Bow give player default chance to catch fish.
    + Bonus if using a Stone Spear or Crossbow
    + Bonus if wearing Boonie cap
    + Bonus for carrying Pookie Bear on you :)
    + Bonus when Fishing around Sunrise and Sunset times.

    Coming Soon or Ideas :
    - Adding Chances to pull up snake, gator or something bad. Might even hurt player or poison them.

    - Idea : Using boxes placed in rivers / water as fish traps. (facepunch beat me to this one) :)
    - Idea : Possibility of using mining quarry in river as a "Fish Wheel" to gather fish AFK.
    - Idea : Fishing Levels? better chance to pull equipment at higher levels?
    - Idea : Maps with "sunken treasure" marked on them?
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