Economics for Rust

Basic Economy + Economy API

Total Downloads: 12,282 - First Release: Nov 10, 2014 - Last Update: Feb 1, 2016

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  1. Wulf
    Configuration File:
    This is economy system for your server.
    * Optional: HelpText, Updater.
    Console Commands
    • eco.c setmoney <steamid\name> <money> - set [money] balance for [steamid/name] player *
    • eco.c deposit <steamid\name> <money> - deposit [money] to [steamid/name] player *
    • eco.c withdraw <steamid\name> <money> - withdraw [money] from [steamid/name] player *
    • eco.c save - saves plugin data *
    • eco.c balance <steamid\name> - check [steamid/name] player balance *
    Chat Commands
    • /balance - check your balance
    • /transfer <name> <money> - transfer [money] to [name] player
    • /balance <name> - check [name] player balance *
    • /deposit <name> <money> - deposit [money] to [name] player *
    • /withdraw <name> <money> - withdraw [money] from [name] player *
    • /setmoney <name> <money> - set [money] balance for [name] player *
    P.S. All chat command can be changed\deleted from config!
    P.P.S You can also work with Offline players, just use console commands and steamid.
    * These commands require a level of administration specified in the config.
    Updating to v2
    - remove old 00-economics.lua
    - backup data/Economics.json
    - add Economics.cs
    "CleanBase": true, -- Base cleaner. When you restart the server, it will delete players from database whose capital is equal to the start!
    "Transfer": "transfer", -- Chat commands, u can change their.
    "Deposit": "deposit", -- To remove a command, leave it "" (for example "Transfer": "")

    "Admin_Auth_LvL": 2, -- The level of administration that require some cmds. (2 - admin, 1 - moder, 0 - user)
    "StartMoney": 1000 -- Starting capital
    "Transfer_Fee":0.01 -- Fee for transfering money (0.01 -> 1%)

    API (for developers)
    Code (Text):
    void Set(ulong playerId, double money)
    void Deposit(ulong playerId, double money)
    bool Withdraw(ulong playerId, double money)
    bool Transfer(ulong playerId, ulong targetId, double money)
    double GetPlayerMoney(ulong playerId)
    var money = Economics.CallHook("GetPlayerMoney", userId);
    Code (Text):
    void SetS(string playerIdS, double money)
    DepositS(string playerIdS, double money)
    WithdrawS(string playerIdS, double money)
    TransferS(string playerIdS, string targetIdS, double money)
    double GetPlayerMoneyS(string playerIdS)
    local economics = plugins.Find("Economics")
    local money = economics:CallHook("GetPlayerMoney", userId)