EasyVote for Rust

Making voting super easy and smooth!

Total Downloads: 1,713 - First Release: Aug 27, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 16, 2017 at 6:00 AM

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  1. Exel80
    Configuration File:
    EasyVote make voting easy and smooth. I think that voting shouldn't be big progress, instead i want make it smooth and fast. No permission needed, only need setup config file.

    You can found EasyVote also from GitHub! If you have
    issues or want pull requests you can do that also in Github!

    • Can customize reward how ever you want, by using "reward variables"
    • You can make own variables, by using Console command!
    • Added custom reward based how many time have you voted. You can add as many as you like custom rewards.
    • Supporting Rust-Server.net, Beancan.io, Top-Serveurs.net & TopRustServers.com
    • User Friendly & no permission needed!
    • Wipe voted data from data/easyvote.json every next month. (Also make backup file)
    • Global Announcement Alert to every player in server. Who and how many time player has voted.
    • Announcement When enabled, check player vote status when they wake up.
    • Highest voter reward Every next month, take highest voter and give him free rank (example. Hero rank) for 1 month.
    • Admin commands! If player isAdmin() or has EasyVote.Admin permission, he can use admin commands!
    You can check is your JSON file valid or not >> Here <<

    vote.png list.png reward.png

    Reward variables
    You can make more by just add new line! Rename variable what ever want. Variables use console command!
    • item.name: [amount] — You get item list from Oxide itemlist
    • addgroup: [group]-[time] — Add a player to a group for a specific time (Request: Timed Permissions)
    • grantperm: [permission]-[time] — Give a player a permission for a specific time (Request: Timed Permissions)
    • money: [amount] — How much gave money per vote (Request: Economics)
    • rp: [amount] How much gave rp per vote (Request: ServerRewards)
    • zlvl-wc: [amount] — How much add Woodcutting level per vote (Request: ZLevels)
    • zlvl-mg: [amount] — How much add Mining level per vote (Request: ZLevels)
    • zlvl-s: [amount] — How much add Skinning level per vote (Request: ZLevels)
    Use these when you make own reward variable!
    • {playername} Player Display name.
    • {playerid} Player SteamID64.
    • {value} for Reward list.
    • {value2} for Reward list. Its split with - char. Example: addgroup: GroupName-30d
    Chat Commands
    • /vote — Show vote link(s)
    • /claim — Claim vote reward(s)
    • /reward list — Display what reward(s) can get.
    Admin Commands
    Player has to be admin or have EasyVote.Admin permission!
    • /vote test — Test your vote settings
    Configuration file
    Code (C#):
      "Reward": {
        "vote1": [ // Number mean how many timed need to vote, before can get this reward.
          "supply.signal: 1" // Use Item Shortname.
        "vote3": [ // When player has voted 3 time. He got this reward and only this reward.
          "supply.signal: 1",
          "money: 250"
        "vote6": [
          "supply.signal: 1",
          "money: 500"
      "Settings": {
        "Annoucment": "true", // If true, check every time when player wake up his vote status.
        "GlobalClaimAnnouncment": "true", // Global announcment to all players who received rewards and how many time voted.
        "HighestVoter": "false", // Every month the highest voter got free rank. (Expire in 1 month)
        "HighestVoterInterval": "10", // How often announcement about HighestVoter status. (In minute)
        "HighestVoterRewardGroup": "hero" // Group name what player will earn when got HighestVoter status.
        "Prefix": "<color=cyan>[EasyVote]</color>", // Can be disabled by just leaving this string empty.
      "Variables": {
      // You can add/edit variables how ever you want.
      // To add new variable, you copy and paste last line "zlvl-wc".
      // Rename it something else, and edit console command.
      // Ex. "hello": "say {value}!",
      // Now try use "hello" as reward, "hello: World",
        "addgroup": "addgroup {playerid} {value} {value2}",
        "grantperm": "grantperm {playerid} {value} {value2}",
        "money": "eco.c deposit {playerid} {value}",
        "rp": "sr add {playerid} {value}",
        "zlvl-mg": "zlvl {playername} MG +{value}",
        "zlvl-s": "zlvl {playername} S +{value}",
        "zlvl-wc": "zlvl {playername} WC +{value}"
      "VoteSettings": {
        "BeancanID": "", // Found ID from URL!
        "BeancanKEY": "",
        "RustServersID": "", // Found ID from "My options -> Manage Your Servers"
        "RustServersKEY": "", // Found KEY from "My options -> Manage Your Servers"
        "TopRustServersID": "", // Found ID from URL!
        "TopRustServersKEY": "", // Found KEY from Manage server!
        "TopServeursID": "", // Found ID from URL!
        "TopServeursKEY": ""
    Language file
    Code (C#):
      "ClaimError": "Something went wrong! We got <color=red>{0} error</color> from <color=yellow>{1}</color>. Please try again later!",
      "ClaimReward": "You just received your vote reward(s). Enjoy!",
      "EarnReward": "When you are voted. Type <color=yellow>/claim</color> to earn your reward(s)!",
      "RewardList": "<color=cyan>Player reward, when voted</color> <color=orange>{0}</color> <color=cyan>time(s).</color>",
      "Received": "You have received {0}x {1}",
      "Highest": "<color=cyan>The player with the highest number of votes per month gets a free</color> <color=yellow>{0}</color><color=cyan> rank for 1 month.</color> <color=yellow>/vote</color> Vote now to get free rank!",
      "HighestCongrats": "<color=yellow>{0}</color> <color=cyan>was highest voter past month</color><color=cyan>. He earned free</color> <color=yellow>{1}</color> <color=cyan>rank for 1 month. Vote now to earn it next month!</color>",
      "ThankYou": "Thank you for voting {0} time(s)",
      "NoRewards": "You do not have any new rewards avaliable \n Please type <color=yellow>/vote</color> and go to the website to vote and receive your reward",
      "RemeberClaim": "You haven't yet claimed your reward from voting server! Use <color=cyan>/claim</color> to claim your reward! \n You have to claim your reward in <color=yellow>24h</color>! Otherwise it will be gone!",
      "GlobalClaimAnnouncment": "<color=yellow>{0}</color><color=cyan> has voted </color><color=yellow>{1}</color><color=cyan> time(s) and just received their rewards. Find out where to vote by typing</color><color=yellow> /vote</color>\n<color=cyan>To see a list of avaliable rewards type</color><color=yellow> /reward list</color>",
      "money": "{0} has been desposited into your account",
      "rp": "You have gained {0} reward points",
      "addgroup": "You have been added to group {0} {1}",
      "grantperm": "You have been given permission {0} {1}",
      "zlvl-wc": "You have gained {0} woodcrafting level(s)",
      "zlvl-mg": "You have gained {0} mining level(s)",
      "zlvl-s": "You have gained {0} skinning level(s)",
      "zlvl-c": "You have gained {0} crafting level(s)"

    Thank you..

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