EasyStakes for Hurtworld

Fill all authorized stakes with amber from your inventory from anywhere

Total Downloads: 1,360 - First Release: Feb 12, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 31, 2016

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  1. 1.0.9

    Inventory not refreshing correctly when amber was removed.
  2. 1.0.9

    Possible duping method, a few bugs.
    Changed some minor things to be more efficient.
  3. 1.0.8

    Each slot of you inventory will be checked for amber stacks before saying you do not have enough amber.

    This also fixes the problem where you needed more than one stack to fill your stakes, it will now go through all subsequent stacks of amber.
  4. 1.0.7

    Changed "/share" command to "/stakes share" to prevent conflict with LiveMapIO.
  5. 1.0.6

    Added Command:
    /share Player Distance(Optional)

    You can now Share your totems with someone. Either all of them or specify a distance.

    /share Noviets - Will share all totems with Noviets
    /share Noviets 100 - Will share all totems within 100m with Noviets

    Note: Use with caution there's no way to undo this action.
    Player names will check for exact matches before partial ones. Always try to supply the full name of a player.

    Added Permisson: