Duelist for Rust

1v1 dueling event.

Total Downloads: 144 - First Release: Jun 16, 2017 - Last Update: Jun 26, 2017 at 7:16 PM

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  1. 0.1.15

    Attempt to add compatibility for TruePVE @Death 91 @Soulconsumer

    Fixed players not being sent home in rare situations. @MeatCircus

    Using a new hook (OnPlayerHealthChange) to determine when a duel is over. This should prevent players from ever becoming wounded.

    External walls will now be healed after each decay tick. @Corrosive

    Added config option 'Use Random Skins' (default: true)...
  2. 0.1.14

    Fixed possibility of Kits not being loaded during server restart

    Removed death penalty for ZLevels Remastered version 2.5.9 or higher. Thanks @Fujikura

    Dueling locations are now chosen randomly when multiple dueling zones exist @maxaki

    Players will no longer become wounded when a duel ends

    Removed bleeding for both players when a duel ends

    Added config option 'No Building' under 'Custom Arenas' (default: disabled)

    Added config option 'Building...
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  3. 0.1.13

    Players that randomly spawn inside of dueling zones will be respawned elsewhere @MeatCircus

    Players no longer die during duels and are instead sent home when the match is over @Corrosive

    Fixed dueling zone walls taking damage @MeatCircus

    Fixed deployables not being removed after a duel @hoppel

    Improved arena wall generation. Use '/duel remove_all_walls' and reload the plugin to apply to existing zones. This...
  4. 0.1.12

    Fixed '/duel kit'

    Read 0.1.10 notes!
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  5. 0.1.11

    Fixed kits not being equipped

    Using '/duel kit' by itself will now reset your custom kit to nothing. Must use quotes if the kit name contains spaces. e.g. /duel kit "Assault Rifle"
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