Duelist for Rust

1v1 dueling event.

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  1. nivex
    Nearly all features were requested by the community. If you like my work, please consider hitting that Support the Developer button! :)

    Duelist is a complex dueling system with betting, a queuing feature, a ranked ladder, and an arena wall generator all made user friendly to players and server owners. Duelist creates it's own dueling zones, spawn points and protection if enabled (see: 'Auto Create Dueling Zone If Zone Does Not Exist' in the config). Simply install and configure it to your own needs.

    If you intend to use kits from the Kits plugin then you must edit the config and include the name of the kits in the Kits section, otherwise, the default custom kits will be used instead.

    How zone creation works:
    • Duelist will scan the map for a suitable area which must meet these requirements: be away from all player structures and deployables, not be covered by more than 25% water, and not be on extremely steep hills.
    • When this is completed then the plugin will create it's own spawn points within the dueling zone.
    • Afterwards an admin may type '/duel on' to enable dueling. Typing '/duel off' will disable duels and remove all duelers from the dueling zone.
    • A new zone is automatically created after every 10 duels to keep the terrain fresh for players so they never tire of the same dueling location. This will stall until all current duels finish.
    How protection works:
    • Duelers cannot do damage to structures, deployables or other players other than the player they are dueling.
    • Duelers cannot loot any containers, or drop any items other than throwing weapons. This is useful for server owners who want the zone in a custom defined location (use '/duel custom' to spawn the zone at the location you are looking at)
    • Duelers cannot build inside of the dueling zone unless configured.
    • The dueling zone is surrounded by arena walls
    • Animals that attack players inside of the dueling zone will either be put to sleep, flee, or be killed depending on your config setting.
    • All duelers have invisibility to everyone except the person they are dueling until their duel is finished. This means zones can be shared by multiple players.
    • Duelers have 10 minutes to finish their duel before they are executed by the server.
    • If for any reason the dueler dies then the opposing dueler will win the duel.
    • Duelers are immune to cold and drowning in the dueling zone
    How arena wall generation works:
    • Must be enabled to prevent players from leaving dueling zones. Optional if you use other means.
    • Generates automatically when a dueling zone is created. Use of '/duel walls' is never required and is a separate function of the plugin for your own use.
    • You cannot remove dueling zone walls by using '/duel walls'. You must remove the zone, or use '/duel remove_all_walls' to do this.
    • Conforms to the highest and lowest points of terrain
    • Will only be created if the arena walls around the dueling zone do not exist
    • Walls are removed when the dueling zone is removed
    • Walls are not removed when the plugin is unloaded. You must manually delete the zone to have the walls removed
    • Walls level off at the top at the same height slighty above the highest point of terrain. This amount can be adjusted in the config under 'Extra High External Wall Stacks'
    • Walls are immune to all damage including decay
    • If walls are not at the desired height then increase the Extra High External Wall Stacks amount
    • Use '/duel remove_all_walls' to remove all high external stone walls on the server which have an owner ID greater than 0 but are not owned by any player. This includes dueling zone walls and walls created by '/duel walls'
    • Use '/duel walls' while standing inside of arena's boundary to remove existing walls. Arena locations are marked on your screen for 30 seconds otherwise.
    • Use '/duel walls radius' to generate custom arena walls at the position you are are looking at with the specified radius. The maximum is 300 meters and is configurable.
    • Use '/duel walls radius wood/stone' to override the config setting 'Use Wooden Walls' to spawn the walls as wooden or stone.

    How spawn points work:
    • A random spawn point is assigned to the first dueler, and the second dueler will be spawned away from this player at a safe distance.
    • Players are given temporary immunity to damage (10 seconds) to get themselves situated in the duel. This time starts once they begin teleporting.
    • Spawn points are generated each time the plugin is loaded, and when a dueling zone is created/recreated.
    • Spawn points are located around the circumference of each zone, viewable by using '/duel spawns'
    How betting works:
    • Once enabled players may make bets towards their next duel under the condition that the player they duel has the same bet.
    • You are not allowed to request duels while having an active bet if the player you are requesting does not have the same bet.
    • If joining the queue with a bet then you will only win the bet if the player you defeat has the same bet as you and is not associated as a friend.
    • Bets must be multiples of 500 if above 500 in the total amount bet. This reduces operator error between two players placing bets.
    • Protection is in place to prevent friends from betting other friends. This prevents abuse of the betting system.
    • You can add or edit the available bets by viewing Settings -> Bets in the configuration file.
    • Use '/duel bet' in game.

    How betting protection works:

    5 unique methods are used to check if 2 players are friends.
    1. Are they in the same clan?
    2. Are they authorized on any cupboard together?
    3. Are any of their sleeping bags within proximity of each other?
    4. Are they sharing any codelocks together?
    5. Have they built anything together in the same location?
    If any of these return true then they're friends and their bet will be ignored (not deleted).

    How queuing works:
    • Simply type /queue and wait for another player to join the queue. Once two players are queued they will instantly teleport to a dueling zone to begin their match. The queuing system is first come first serve. This removes the need to directly request a duel with another player.
    The winner of a duel is instantly teleported back to the position from which they joined. When the loser respawns they'll also be teleported back. If a bet was won then an announcement will be made to the winner.

    How the ranked ladder works:
    • Type '/duel ladder' to view it. Shows wins, losses and win/loss ratios.
    • Resets each wipe except the lifetime ladder.
    • Permissions and groups are assigned to the top 3 players for use with plugins that give titles based on permissions or groups after each map wipe.
    • Permission Name: duelist.dd
    • Group Name: duelist
    How creating custom spawn points work:
    • This feature is completely optional. Spawn points will be automatically generated if none exist.
    • Can be added anywhere on the map as they will only be used if found inside of a dueling zone.
    • Are not removed when a dueling zone is removed unless configured to do so.
    • Are automatically wiped when a server wipe is detected.
    • Added spawn points will be indicated by a green +S marker for 30 seconds.
    • Removed spawn points will be indicated by a red -S marker for 30 seconds.
    • Spawn points can be added, removed or wiped at any time.
    • Minimum of two (2) spawn points are required if using custom spawn points.
    • Will be automatically used without any special requirements. Add, remove or wipe at any time.
    • /duel spawns add - creates a spawn point at the position you are looking at
    • /duel spawns here - creates a spawn point at your position
    • /duel spawns remove - removes the nearest spawn point within 10 meters
    • /duel spawns removeall - removes all spawn points within 50 meters
    • /duel spawns wipe - wipes all spawn points
    Dueling commands:
    • Use '/duel allow' to enable dueling for yourself.
    • Use '/duel remove' to delete a dueling zone. Must be inside of a zone to use (admin only)
    • Use '/duel removeall' to remove all dueling zones.
    • Use '/duel new' to spawn the dueling zone at a random location on the map.
    • Use '/duel new tp' to do the above and teleport to it. (Both admin only)
    • Use '/duel save' to save the data. This is done automatically. (Admin only)
    • Use '/duel block name' to block a player from dueling you.
    • Use '/duel chat' to toggle duel death messages on/off.
    • Use '/duel ban name/steamid' to ban or unban a player from dueling. (Admin only)
    • Use '/duel tp' to teleport to the dueling zone. (Admin only)
    • Use '/duel spawns' to see all of the spawn points (Admin only)
    • Use '/duel custom' to spawn the dueling zone at the location you are looking at. (Admin only)
    • Use '/duel kit [kitname]' to use a custom kit if both players have the same custom kit set.
    • Using '/duel kit' by itself will now reset your custom kit to nothing. Must use quotes if the kit name contains spaces. e.g. /duel kit "Assault Rifle"
    • Use '/duel' for more information.
    The plugin comes with several custom kits that can be modified or you can add your own.

    Kits plugin support: You may use kits instead by specifying their name as created using Kits in the configuration file under Settings -> Kits. Kits will be randomly chosen.

    This plugin contains over 100 messages in the language API. You may edit them by opening the /oxide/lang/en/Duelist.json file. Do not remove any indexing as noted by {0}, {1}, etc.