Dangerous Treasures for Rust

Dangerous event with treasure chests.

Total Downloads: 1,429 - First Release: May 20, 2017 - Last Update: Dec 9, 2017 at 8:34 PM

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  1. 1.0.2

    Workaround for Oxide bug regarding API in Economics plugin
  2. 1.0.1

    Locks placed on treasure chests will be automatically destroyed @GLasiore

    Added optional GUIAnnouncements options to config. Default disabled. See config under GUIAnnouncements. @PryMary

    Fixed webrequest exception

    Added config option 'Damage Per Missile' to 'Missile Launcher' in config (default: 0) (Untested) @Brohawk
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  3. 1.0.0

    Removed Y coordinate from positions

    Added marker support for private Map plugin

    Added timer to remove markers
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  4. 0.1.23

    Update LustyMap to 2.1.31 if you haven't already

    Now using temporary markers with LustyMap

    Use '/dtd markers' to remove any permanent markers that are stuck on your LustyMap
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  5. 0.1.22

    Fix for OnEntityTakeDamage throwing exceptions when an entity is killed instantly @VinylFresh

    Changed Lusty Map Icon File default to http://i.imgur.com/XoEMTJj.png @albator4242

    Changed Amount Of Spheres default from 1 to 5 to increase the darkness and make the event zone easier to recognize @albator4242

    Events will now give credit to the last person to take or remove an item from a chest instead of only checking for the...
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