Custom Death Messages for Hurtworld

Displays custom messages on player death

Total Downloads: 2,351 - First Release: Dec 18, 2015 - Last Update: Nov 14, 2017

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  1. 1.0.7

    Mr. Blue
    • Fixed for recent Oxide changes
  2. 1.0.6

    Mr. Blue
    Removed the spam in oxide console.
    Thanks to @sKilloWsky for reporting it!
  3. 1.0.6

    Mr. Blue
    • Tokar message now displaying properly.
    • Medusa Vine message now displaying properly.
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  4. 1.0.5

    Mr. Blue
    Note: To fix the issue of having double messages, please execute this command in the console or via the in-game console using rcon. I will be working on a way around this if possible.
    Code (Text):
    chatdeathmessagesenabled 0

    • Should now properly display messages
    • Death by Radiation Bor, Sasquatch, Medusa Vines, and Landmine
    Known Bugs
    • Death by a physical Tokar projectile...
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  5. 1.0.4

    Mr. Blue
    Killed by Explosion
    Killed by Impact
    Killed by Tokar
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