Universal clans with alliance support

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    Required Dependencies:
    Configuration File:
    Clans plugin for all Oxide supported games.

    BetterChat is required to display clan tags in chat! (Clan tags will be unavailable until BetterChat has been updated to support it)

    ** Note If you are using Rust I recommend using Rust:IO Clans for Rust | Oxide as it has features that can not be achieved in a universal plugin such as clan tags directly in players names, RustIO friends functionality, and RustIO FriendlyFire

    Chat Commands
    /c <message> - Send a message to all clan members
    /a <message> - Send a message to all clan members and allied clans
    /clanhelp - Displays help
    /clanhelp member - Displays commands for clan members
    /clanhelp moderator - Displays commands for clan moderators
    /clanhelp owner - Displays commands for clan owners

    Clan Member Commands
    /clan create <tag> - Create a new clan
    /clan join <tag> - Join a clan if you have a invite
    /clan leave - Leave you current clan
    Clan Moderator Commands
    /clan invite <partialname>
    - Invite a player to join your clan
    /clan invite cancel <partialname/ID> - Cancel a pending invite
    /clan kick <partialname/ID> - Kick a player from your clan
    Clan Owner Commands
    /clan promote <partialname/ID> - Promote a clan member to clan moderator
    /clan demote <partialname/ID> - Demote a clan moderator to clan member
    /clan disband - Disband your clan
    /clan ally request <tag> - Request an alliance with another clan
    /clan ally accept <tag> - Accept an alliance invite
    /clan ally decline <tag> - Decline a alliance request
    /clan ally cancel <tag> - End a clan alliance

    Code (C#):
      "ClanLimits": {
        "Maximum_ClanAlliances": 2, // Max clan alliance limit
        "Maximum_Moderators": 2, // Max clan moderator limit
        "Maximum_TotalMembers": 8 // Max clan member limit
      "Messaging": {
        "ClanChat": "#AFFF00", // Clan chat color
        "Main": "#FFBB00", // Main message color
        "MSG": "#939393" // Secondary message color
      "Options": {
        "ClanTagColor": "#orange", // The color of the clan tag when displayed in chat
        "SaveTimer": 600, // Data save timer
        "ShowJoinMessage": true, // Send clan message when a member joins the server
        "ShowLeaveMessage": true, // Send clan message when a member leaves the server
        "TagLengthMaximum": 6, // Maximum character limit in clan tags
        "TagLengthMinimum": 2 // Minimum character limit in clan tags
    Code (C#):

    string GetClanTag(string playerID | ulong playerID | IPlayer ) // Returns a string clan tag of the specified player. Returns null if the player or clan is not found

    JArray GetAllClans() // Returns a array of all clan tags

    JObject GetClan(string tag) // Returns a JObject containing all of the specified clans information

    //Available properties:
    // "tag" - (string) clan tag
    // "owner" - (string) clan owner id
    // "moderators" - (JArray) moderator user id's
    // "members" - (JArray) member user id's
    // "invited" - (JArray) invited player user id's
    // "allies" - (JArray) ally clan tags
    // "invitedallies" - (JArray) invited ally clan tags
    These hooks are for the purpose of updating information within external plugins. They have no return behaviour
    Code (C#):
    OnClanCreate(string tag) // Is called when a clan is created
    OnClanUpdate(string tag) // Is called when a clan is updated (player join/leave, invite cancelled, new alliance, cancelled alliance, accepted alliance, etc)
    OnClanDestroy(string tag) // Is called when a clan is disbanded
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