1. GrTeleport allows you to teleport using the new grid reference. e.g: n5 or p14 or AA22

  2. Players can steal money, points, and/or items from other players

  3. Allows opening of selected door(s) only during set time period

  4. Control objects with your mind!

  5. Prevent teleportation (and more) while in raid or combat

  6. Building and entity removal tool

  7. Players can ignore chat messages from other players

  8. Prevents players from building outside map bounds.

  9. Allows player to level up 5 different skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting, Skinning, Aquire)

  10. Quit'ter with realtime support and automated checks/reboots on new Devblogs/OxideBuilds

  11. Search light targeting system

  12. Instantly turns player corpses into backpacks