1. A simple plugin to add XP and levels in the game

  2. Saves player inventory info to file

  3. Turn a player into a Psion of Death (Raid Boss) for everyone to take on in battle at once!

  4. Gain the ability to modify guilds.

  5. Know thy Enemy! Find out how many members a guild has and which of them are online!

  6. Advanced, All-in-one survival server essentials

  7. A Plugin that either immediatly reports trespassers or saves a Watchreport for later

  8. Disables cube damage with siege when no war has been declared

  9. A homing bird system

  10. Allows admins to set a dedicated time for the use of siege weapons

  11. Logs chat and commands players attempt to use to a separate file.

  12. Displays a server wide message showing who killed who