1. Add races to your server

  2. Buy and Sell your items and resources on the Grand Exchange Market!

  3. Players can vote to change the time and weather

  4. Prevents guild members from doing damage to each other

  5. Know thy Enemy! Find out how many members a guild has and which of them are online!

  6. Gain the ability to modify guilds.

  7. A simple plugin to add XP and levels in the game

  8. Saves player inventory info to file

  9. Turn a player into a Psion of Death (Raid Boss) for everyone to take on in battle at once!

  10. Advanced, All-in-one survival server essentials

  11. A Plugin that either immediatly reports trespassers or saves a Watchreport for later

  12. Disables cube damage with siege when no war has been declared