Bounty for Rust

Place bounty's on other players using ingame items

Total Downloads: 4,444 - First Release: Jan 17, 2016 - Last Update: Feb 4, 2017

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  1. k1lly0u
    Place bounty's on other players using ingame items with optional FriendsAPI and Clans integration to stop claim abuse. Also support for popup notifications and Economics

    Chat Commands

    "/bounty" - Will show help
    "/bounty add Playername" - Will open the bounty box to deposit your items. when closed the bounty will be placed
    "/bounty add PlayerName money ##" - For use with economics, replace ## with the money amount
    "/bounty check" - Will check the users current bounty's
    "/bounty check PLAYERNAME" - Will show you the players current bounty's
    "/bounty claim" - Will list your current rewards with ID number
    "/bounty claim ##" - Claims the reward with ID number ##
    "/bounty top" - Will display the top 5 bounty hunters and top 5 total wanted times
    "/bounty wanted" - Will display the top 5 wanted players and top 5 current wanted times
    -------- Admin only --------
    "/bounty clear PLAYERNAME"
    - Clears the players bounty's
    "/bounty wipe" - Wipes all bounty data

    Console Commands
    "bounty.wipe" - Wipes all data
    "bounty.list" - Prints all bounty data to console

    bounty.use - Player bounty usage
    bounty.admin - Admin commands
    bounty.ban - Disables adding and claiming bounty's (for use in abuse cases)

    Code (Text):

      "Authlevel to access admin commands": 1,
      "Economics - Use money as bounty": true,
      "Options - Authlevel to access admin commands": 1,
      "Popup Notification time": 30,
      "Popups - Popup Notification time": 30,
      "Popups - Use Popup Notifications": true,
      "Reminders - Timer": 1,
      "Reminders - Timer (mins)": 20,
      "Reminders - Use reminders": true,
      "Use Clans": true,
      "Use FriendsAPI": true,
      "Use Popup Notifications": true