Better Chat

Customize chat colors, formatting, prefix and more

Total Downloads: 17,069 - First Release: Apr 21, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 11, 2017

4.98684/5, 76 likes
  1. 5.0.3

    * fixed third-party title being shown if null or empty
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  2. 5.0.2

    * fixed OnBetterChat return behaviour to cancel if passed a non-null, non-string value
    * fixed new groups not being usable
    + added message when successfully adding and removing a group

    Thanks to @Spicy for quickly testing for me, as I can't right now.
    Thanks to @antisoma for quick replies to important questions about the issues also.
  3. 5.0.1

    * fixed typo in API method API_GetFormattedMessage
    * changed OnBetterChat return behaviour to cancel if receiving non-null, non-string value
  4. 5.0.0

  5. 5.0.0

    This version is a step in the direction of modularity.

    The API was changed, other plugins supporting this one, might need to be adjusted therefor.

    The BetterChat core, is simplified and only has its base features (groups, chat format etc.)

    Other features (currently just mute) are now in seperate plugins, delivered in a .zip together with the core.

    Seperate plugins, may be seperate on oxide in the future too.

    This update introduces slight changes to the group...