Automatic Build Grades for Rust

Auto update grade on build to what you need

Total Downloads: 16,023 - First Release: Apr 8, 2015 - Last Update: Oct 6, 2017

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  1. Ryan
    Configuration File:
    This plugin allow to automatically update building parts to any grade just after you build it (using building plan). By default this works only for admins with no resources consumed (only wood for twig part), but you can change that via Oxide permissions.

    Command usage:
    /bgrade - help in-game, with display current mode.
    /bgrade 1 - auto update to wood
    /bgrade 2 - auto update to stone
    /bgrade 3 - auto update to metal
    /bgrade 4 - auto update to armored
    /bgrade 0 - disable auto update
    /bgrade t sec - timer to auto turn off, use 0 to disable

    Oxide permissions:
    You can change who will access command and what grades they will can use via oxide permissions.

    For example if you need allow auto update for wood&stone with consume resources for players, you need type in server console:

    oxide.grant group default autogrades.1
    oxide.grant group default autogrades.2

    If you want to remove no resource consumption for admins, then type:
    oxide.revoke group admin autogrades.nores

    Also if you are admin, but still don't have permissions to plugin, then try add youself to admin group using:
    oxide.usergroup add username admin

    Available permissions:

    autogrades.all - access to all grades (by default for admins)
    autogrades.1 - access to wood update
    autogrades.2 - access to stone update
    autogrades.3 - access to metal update
    autogrades.4 - access to armored update
    autogrades.nores - disable resouces consumption for upgrade (by default for admins) note - you still need wood for create twig building part
    Guide about permissions: Using the Oxide permission system | Oxide

    Available config options:
    Block Construct and Refund - block construct and refund if not enough resources for upgrade to needed grade (by default enabled).
    Command - chat command name, you can change it if you want
    AllowTimer - allow auto turn off timer for everyone on server or not
    DefaultTimer - how much seconds players will have set in auto turn off timer. Use 0 to disable timer by default.

    Available plugin hooks (for developers):
    CanAutoGrade - allow block auto upgrade if needed. Must return int or nothing.
    Arguments: BasePlayer player, int grade, BuildingBlock buildingBlock, Planner planner
    Possible return values:
    Return -1 - Block upgrade, but create twig part
    Return 0 - Obey plugin settings (block on construct if enabled or not)
    Return 1 - Block upgrade and block build
    Return nothing - allow upgrade

    Also this plugin has multi-language support so you can translate or customize messages in oxide/lang/en/AutoGrades.json file.
    By default plugin comes with English and Russian language.