AntiNoobRaid for Rust

Blocks raiding of new players

Total Downloads: 83 - First Release: Dec 4, 2017 - Last Update: Dec 9, 2017 at 8:08 PM

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  1. 1.3.4

    Fixed refunding not happening in some cases (and messages not showing)

    Hopefully this is last one for today :/
  2. 1.3.3

    • Fixed a big bug (I won't post what it was because players might see this and exploit it before server owners update the plugin)
    • Changed how not getting info from PTT is handled
    • Fixed conflicts with Vanish
  3. 1.3.2

    Hopefully fixed error that occurred when looking for player whose ID is not found in PTT data file
  4. 1.3.1

    Small fix for logging
  5. 1.3

    • Added resource ID
    • Added item refunding (2 config options, first to enable refunding and second to change how many times player can attempt to raid someone before losing explosives)
    • Added antinoobraid.admin permission for item refund command
    • Improved how getting info from PTT works
    • Added debugging
    • Added config option to set how often to refresh player's in game time
    • Changed antinoob.wipe to antinoob.wipe.playerdata,...