AntiNoobRaid for Rust

Blocks raiding of new players

Total Downloads: 83 - First Release: Dec 4, 2017 - Last Update: Dec 9, 2017 at 8:08 PM

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  1. Slydelix
    Required Dependencies:
    Configuration File:
    AntiNoobRaid prevents doing damage to entities placed by a new player

    For this plugin to work PlaytimeTracker is needed to monitor how long players are on the server.

    Time period inside which players cannot get raided is configurable in config file, by default it is 86400 (seconds!!)

    antinoobraid.admin - gives player permission to command /refunditem

    Chat Command:
    /checknew - allows player to check if the entity is placed by a new player to avoiding losing explosives (needs to be looking at the building/entity)

    /refunditem add - adds the item you are holding to the list of items that will get refunded (in case the item is a raid tool)

    /refunditem remove - removes the item you are holding from the list of items that will get refunded (in case the item is a raid tool)

    /refunditem list - lists all the items that are currently set to refund

    /refunditem clear - clears the list of items set to refund

    /refunditem all - sets all raid tools to get refunded (C4, satchel, beancan, f1 and all 3 types of rockets)

    Console Command:
    antinoob.wipe.playerdata - wipes player data from the file
    antinoob.wipe.attempts - wipes player raid attempts from the file
    antinoob.wipe.all - wipes the whole data file

    NOTE: after changing the time in config you have to reload the plugin
    (oxide.reload AntiNoobRaid)

    NOTE 2: for infinite refunding set the "Refunds before player starts losing explosives to zero

    Config file:
    Code (Text):
      "Refund explosives": true,
      "Refunds before player starts losing explosives": 1,
      "Show message for not being able to raid": true,
      "Show time until raidable": false,
      "Time inside which new players are protected": 86400,
      "User data refresh interval (seconds)": 30
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