AlertAreas for Hurtworld

Set areas with notification messages

Total Downloads: 450 - First Release: Mar 14, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 22, 2016

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  1. ALEX_and_ER
    Optional Dependencies:
    Configuration File:
    Plugin allow admins to create rectangle areas (by coordinates of diagonally opposite corners) with alert (notification) messages.

    Available commands:

    /alertareas help - show available commands.
    /alertareas list - show all areas with alert.
    /alertareas add <AreaName> [true] - add new area (with optional "true" alert text will be shown constantly).
    /alertareas remove <AreaName> - remove area (case insensitive).
    /alertareas edit <AreaName> - edit mode where you can set alert text, corners coordinates and 'constant' attribute.

    Commands in edit mode:

    /alertareas corner 1 - set first corner coordinates.
    /alertareas corner 2 - set second corner coordinates.
    /alertareas name <NewAreaName> - change area name.
    /alertareas text <Some alert text!> - set area alert text.
    /alertareas constant <true|false> - show alert constantly or not.

    alertareas_screenshot.png alertareas_scheme.png

    Plugin made by Alexander Zelenov aka ALEX_and_ER.
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