Jun 18, 2014
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Wood Hoarder, Male, 39, from Turkey

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    Oct 13, 1978 (Age: 39)
    Home Page:

    If you wish to join our Rust Experimental Server "BLADE" you are most welcome! Our dual SSD(Raid) powered "dedicated server" located in Germany and using fastest net line for low ping latency under 250GB DDOS protection.

    * Specs;
    - Server name: !BLADE_05/03_Map_Insta_Rmv_2X_NoWipe_Stack_%90day_Kit_Home_TP
    - For Easy connection, press F1 in main game menu then copy/paste below;
    - No Wipe until compulsory Rust updates force us!
    Last wipe was 05.03.15 bc of Rust update!
    - Standard Map size(4000x4000=16sqm)
    - No Donate & No Economy & No Stock Market etc.
    - Vote/Reward system and hourly server gift
    - English/Turkish/German/Russian Language support
    - History for last 50 chat & Death messages with details
    - 1 Homeset & 50 times tp to home and tp to others
    - Hourly Airdrop with detailed location & Remove
    - 5 Starter + 2 home kit & Compass & Location
    - Object/House owner Info & Raider Info & Group
    - 3hrs Day and 10m Night length & Auto Door Closer
    - 2xGather with standard decay settings
    - Greatly increased stack size & InstaCraft
    - Server Map with your real time location on it;
    - TeamSpeak ip/port Pass: blade
    - Server Youtube Channel(for banned players);
    - Server Steam Group(for request new add-ons);
    - Server manage by Non-player active Admin cenk;
    E-mail: bladereport@gmail.com
    * Commands;
    /help ->will list all server commands
    /specs ->will list server specs
    /rules ->will list server rules
    /remove ->will remove misplaced items
    /h ->will list last 50 chat history(since server's last restart)
    /gather ->will show current setting for gather
    /compass ->will give looking direction
    /loc ->will give your XYZ location
    /who ->will list online players
    /kit ->will list available kits for usage
    /vote ->will list details of vote/reward system
    /clan help ->will list group commands
    /sethome 1 ->will set your home IF you are on your foundation
    /home 1 ->will teleport to your home
    /removehome 1 ->will remove your home set
    /tpr "player name" ->will send teleport request to the other player
    /tpa ->will accept teleport request from other players
    /pm "player name" "msg" ->will send private msg to the others
    /r "message" ->will reply last private message easily
    /door 2 ->will set auto door closer 2sec(min2 max10 sec)
    (It will not work if there is no lock on door. For disable /door off)
    /? ->will give owner of object(i.e. house or items)
    If you use on Tool Cupboard, it will list name of the players
    who has building permissions for that building means that;
    you may learn who demolish/raid the house

    * Rules;
    - Ban for Hack/cheat/advertising/smear Campaign!
    - Mute for other than English language in chat!
    - Permanently Mute for Racism and/or Spamming!
    - If you build house in rock/cave, it will be removed!

    * Starter Kit;
    Bandage, LargeMedkit, StoneHatchet, CookedWolfMeat(5), Antiradpills(5)

    * Home Kit;
    Wood(30000), Stones(15000), Metal Fragments(3000), Pistol bullet(100),
    Revolver, Wooden Arrow(30), Hunting Bow, Building Plan, Hammer, Camp Fire,
    Wood Storage Box(2), Sleeping Bag(2), Code Lock(5), Furnace,
    Tool Cupboard(2), Cloth(50), AnimalFat(50), BearTrap(5), Burlap gear set

    * Daily Vote/Reward kit details;
    - You can vote the server in below links 1 time a day;
    - You will get 1 point after each vote!
    - If you vote all pages then, you can get 3 points per day
    - After vote the pages type /voted in server for get your points
    - You can spend your points immidietly or later on
    - You can get below rewards with your points;
    1 point for 3000 wood + 1500 stones + 500 metal fragments
    3 points for Bolt Action Rifle + 50 Ammo
    6 points for 50 Explosives + 10 cloth(for craft 2xC4)
    9 points for Explosives Blue Print

    K.Regards, Cenk