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  1. dcode

    adds a live map to any Rust experimental server with just a few clicks.

    See the Rust:IO Manual for installation and usage instructions.

    Available addons
    RustIO library

    The extension also exposes a library allowing developers to access the allies feature from within other plugins.
    • RustIO.IsInstalled():bool
      Returns if the extension is currently installed (i.e. not loading or updating). Always test this as the other methods will always return false if not installed.
    • RustIO.HasFriend(playerSteamId:string, friendSteamId:string):bool
      Returns if a player has a specific friend (player shares location with friend)
    • RustIO.AddFriend(playerSteamId:string,friendSteamId:string):bool
      Adds a friend and returns true if actually added
    • RustIO.DeleteFriend(playerSteamId:string,friendSteamId:string):bool
      Deletes a friend and returns true if actually deleted

    Code (Text):
      "displayMonuments": true,
      "hideSpecificMonuments": [],
      "displayBuildings": false,
      "displayMortality": true,
      "enableLocationSharing": true,
      "broadcastSpawns": true,
      "broadcastDeaths": true,
      "broadcastChat": true,
      "defaultLanguage": "en",
      "welcomeMessage": "To locate yourself on the LIVEMAP, browse to <color=#CC3A2D></color> and type in this server's name!"

    Non-commercial use only, no derivatives.
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