Live Map for Hurtworld

Provides a live map for players and RESTful API for administrators

Total Downloads: 1,612 - First Release: Dec 18, 2015 - Last Update: Jul 8, 2016

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  1. esque
    • Allows players to see their own position on the map, updated in real time.
    • Allows players to temporarily share their position with friends, updated in real time.
    • Allows servers to have a dynamic overview page which notifies viewers of recent activity on the server (e.g. connections, disconnections, chat, ...)
    • Exposes a RESTful server API.
    • Provides a remote server administration console. (RCON currently isn't available, so this may be of use)
    More features will be added as time goes on. We're classing this as early access, so please expect there to be some bugs which you should report to us (email us at

    The server extension is coded in C# and used in conjunction with Oxide API and implements a basic HTTP (for our RESTful API) and WebSockets (for our dynamic pages) servers. All interactions of our extension take place on our website, where you can log in via Steam (perfectly safe - we don't ever see your credentials). There's no configuration - simply download and install by extracting the file to your Hurtworld_Data/Managed folder.
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