Hive Network

Control and synchronize your servers via browser or your phone

Total Downloads: 213 - First Release: Sep 8, 2016 - Last Update: Dec 5, 2016

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  1. 0.9.0_1

    - Fixed a bug when a player connected / disconnected
  2. 0.9.0

    - Removing the old XP system

    - Updating to newest Rust/oxide version

    - Fixing different bugs regarding server/client communication
  3. 0.8.7

    Completely new spawn system

    User don't get respawned every time they join. Now Hive tries to synchronize them without a respawn. Only if a player changes server inside a Hive and reconnects to one he is respawned while joining.

    Quick fix for an error that showed an error message in the starting process of a server
  5. 0.8.5

    New features:

    Advanced Backup system

    Ingame Splash screens
    Show splash screens to your players when they join your server. The screens are closable and will dispose themselves after about 5 seconds. You can configure the texts and the header picture of the splash screens in the Hive webinterface.

    Bug fixes and performance optimisation
    Tests showed that approx. once a day a message from a game server to the HiveNetwork got lost on the way. We...