Hive Network

Control and synchronize your servers via browser or your phone

Total Downloads: 216 - First Release: Sep 8, 2016 - Last Update: Dec 5, 2016

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    Please keep in mind that this is a Beta release and the extension isn't fully functional yet. Errors may occur at any given time. If you encounter a bug/error feel free to contact us via email/pm/forum!

    Hive Network allows you to easily remotely control and synchronize your servers from your desktop or phone.

    Remote Control
    Hive Network allows you to control your server from any given device that is capable of accessing our website, meaning you can remotely control your server both from your desktop, phone and tablet. No additional downloads are required. Kick/ban/message players, restart/stop your servers, edit player inventories/exp, create player inventory backups from everywhere.

    Servers connected to a hive are synchronized meaning all players will share inventories, statistics and experience points throughout a hive, no longer limiting players to one specific server in terms of progress. Further throughout development synchronization will become optional, allowing you to switch it on and off whenever it suits you.

    • Synchronizing players (Health, XP, Inventory)
    • Kick/Ban Players
    • Give Player Items
    • Create cloud backups of your player data
    • Remote Server Console
    • Live Player Chat
    • Spawning of Air drops and Helicopters
    • Full Server Control (Restart, Shutdown)

    Upcoming Features
    • Android & iOS App
    • Encrypted communication
    • E-Mail notifications
    • Desktop client

    1. Create a a free Hive at our website
    2. Download the plugin from here or from our website
    3. Copy the dll file into the following folder: <your-server>\RustDedicated_Data\Managed\
    4. If you are downloading the plugin from this forum, start your server once to let the plugin create it's config file. Shut it down after it loaded.
    5. Edit the .json file into the following folder: <your-server>\server\<your-server-identity>\oxide\config
    6. Enter your hive information from the website into the configuration file
    7. Reboot your server and enjoy!
    (replace the <...> tags with your correct folder)

    Premium service:
    Maintaining and improving our services costs time and money. Alongside with our free services, Hive Network offers premium services which are available for 3.99€ (~$4.5) per month. A 2-year license is also available for 34.99€, saving you more than 60%.
    Users looking to test our premium services before purchasing can do this by activating their 5 day trial which allows you to test all features without any costs.

    Installation Tutorial:


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