Oxide 1.18 for Rust Legacy (Discontinued)

Oxide server mod framework and API for Rust Legacy

Total Downloads: 5,457 - First Release: Jan 5, 2014 - Last Update: Apr 28, 2014

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  1. thomasfn
    This is a packet ready for GSPs who use TcAdmin 2. The ZIP file can simply be dropped in the mods folder and a mod can be set up. Please note that you should always allow people to install mods themselves - this is important. The 'save' folder should be the public folder people can access with the file browser and/or FTP. Please note that if your public folder is different, you will need to rename it in the ZIP as well.

    We recommend linking our Oxide 1.18 plugins page for your users, so they know how to get Oxide plugins.

    If you're not using TcAdmin, extracting the ZIP file over the top of the Rust server folder will install the mod. The lua52.dll should end up sitting next to the server executable.

    Startup Parameter
    -oxidedir "save/oxide" - Sets the 'oxidedir' to save/oxide (as used in the default zip)

    Notes on 'oxidecore.lua'
    If this file is deleted, Oxide will not load plugins anymore. We'd recommend restricting access or let your users know that it shouldn't be deleted.

    Source: https://github.com/OxideMod/Legacy
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